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Faculty Handbook
Vassar College

For inquiries, please contact the Dean of the Faculty Office.

Latest Edition
Replaces all previous editions.

Table of Contents

  1. Administrative Offices of the College and Services Provided
    1. Office of the President
    2. Office of the Dean of the Faculty
    3. Office of the Dean of the College
    4. Office of the Dean of Strategic Planning and Academic Resources
    5. Office of Communications
    6. Computing and Information Services
    7. Office of Alumnae/i Affairs and Development
    8. Offices of Finance and Administration
  2. Terms of Employment
    1. The Faculty
    2. Salary and Benefits
    3. Grants and Awards
    4. Faculty Travel
    5. Leaves of Absence
    6. Policies Governing College Housing
    7. Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action
    8. Policy Against Discrimination and Harassment
    9. Policy on Consensual Relations Between Faculty and Students
  3. Appointment, Extension, Reappointment, and Promotion
    1. Affirmative Action
    2. New Appointments
    3. Guidelines For Review of Faculty Members For Extension, Reappointment, Tenure, and Promotion
    4. Procedures For Review of Faculty Members For Extension, Reappointment, Tenure, and Promotion
    5. Review Schedule
    6. What Happens In Faculty Reviews: A Brief Account
    7. Procedures For Performance Evaluations and Merit Recommendations of Assistant Professors
    8. Post-Tenure Review
    9. Lecturer and Senior Lecturer Merit Reviews
    10. Visiting Professor and Adjunct Merit Reviews
    11. Calendars For Specific Reviews
    12. Procedures of the Faculty Appeal Committee For Appeals Related to Procedural Errors
    13. Procedures For Review and Promotion of Librarians
    14. Athletics and Physical Education
    15. What Happens In Athletics and Physical Education Faculty Reviews — A Brief Account
    16. Appeals
  4. Educational Policy, Academic Advising, and the Conduct of Classes
    1. Academic Advising
    2. Disability Accommodations and Support Services Policy
    3. Conduct of Classes
    4. Final Examinations
    5. Religious Holy Days
    6. The Grading System
    7. Leaves of Absence and Special Academic Privileges
    8. Graduation
  5. General Information
    1. Emergency Resources and Information
    2. Curricular Divisions
    3. Course Preparation: Book Orders, Library Materials
    4. Computing and Educational Technology
    5. Websites
    6. Policy On Reporting Improper or Unlawful Activities and Prohibition of Retaliation
    7. The Office of the Learning, Teaching, and Research Center
    8. Lectures and Special Events
    9. Departments and Programs
    10. Faculty Meetings
    11. Library Liaisons
    12. Elected Faculty Committees and Appointed Standing Faculty Committees
    13. Miscellaneous Information