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VII. Leaves of Absence and Special Academic Privileges

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A. Leaves of Absence

Students who wish a leave of absence from their work during a semester are usually granted such a leave upon demonstration of necessity to the appropriate dean or advisor in the office of the dean of studies.  Registration for a student leaving during the drop period of the semester will be canceled.  The records of students going on emergency leave of absence after that time indicate withdrawal without penalty (WD) from all their courses for the semester.  In general, a leave of absence for a given term will not be granted to a student after the last day of classes for that term. 

A student who must be absent for more than three weeks during the semester will usually be obliged to withdraw from work that term.  Arrangements in such cases must be made with the dean of studies.  Students who seek academic or personal leaves of absence (see Catalogue) for subsequent semesters must conform to certain deadlines which will be posted at the beginning of the academic year.


B. Committee on Leaves and Privileges

All requests for academic leaves of absence, special privilege with respect to curricular requirements, acceleration etc. should be directed to the faculty Committee on Leaves and Privileges through the office of the dean of studies.  All requests for privilege must be reviewed by the adviser.  Requests for academic leaves and for acceleration must be accompanied by proposed academic programs reviewed and evaluated by the adviser.