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VIII. Offices of Finance and Administration

Stephen Dahnert, Vice President for Finance and Administration
Bryan Swarthout, Assistant Vice President of Finance
Joseph Bolander, Assistant Budget Director

Office: Main Building, second floor, south wing (x5500)
Finance and Administration website

The vice president for finance and administration oversees the business and financial affairs of the college including financial operations, budgeting, investment management, purchasing, contracting, audit, and financial reporting; physical plant administration, construction and renovation; risk management and insurance; human resource services; and other administrative services including mail services, copying services, computer sales, and the College Store. The vice president chairs the Committee on Campus Master Planning and the Benefits Committee, and supports the work of the Committee on Priorities and Planning. He and his direct reports also serve as administrative support for trustee committees on audit, budget and finance, Facilities Operations, and investments. 

The associate vice president for financial services and treasurer, the controller, the director of budget and enterprise services, the executive director of Facilities Operations services, and the associate vice president of human resources report to the vice president for finance and administration.

Review of contracts, legal counsel liaison, risk management and insurance issues are also addressed through the Office of the Vice President. Inquiries regarding insurance should be directed to the executive staff assistant (x5467).

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Accounting Services

Angelique Zalaznick, Controller
Dana Nalbandian, Associate Controller
Tricia Watt, Payroll Manager 

Office: Baldwin (B-228, x5890)
Accounting Services website

Accounting Services is responsible for accounting, recording, and reporting all fiscal activities of the college. The associate vice president for financial services and treasurer and the controller oversee the preparation of year-end financial reports, audited by an external certified public accountant, and the college’s Internal Revenue Service Form 990 (informational return for tax exempt organizations). Both reports are available from the web pages for finance and administration. The assistant controller oversees grant accounting.

Accounting Services is the repository of official records related to donor-restricted endowments and expendable gifts.

Helpful information on policies, procedures and forms related to the management of funds in approved budgets or gift and grant accounts administered by faculty members is available on the purchasing website. Additional training or advice on use of the Banner accounting system or other systems/forms necessary for sound fiscal management and internal control are available by contacting the manager of accounting operations.


Budget & Enterprise Services

Bryan Swarthout, Assistant Vice President of Finance (x5506)
Joseph Bolander, Assistant Budget Director (x5463)

Office: Main Building, second floor, south wing
Budget & Enterprise Services website

The director of budget and enterprise services works closely with the senior officers and the Committee on Priorities and Planning to develop long term financial plans for the college, consistent with priorities established through the Governance process. The director monitors the use of current year budget allocations, jointly with the controller, preparing management reports on results. In addition, to Budget Administration the director oversees the Vassar College Bookstore Contract Administration, Dining Services Contract Administration, Purchasing & Receiving, College Properties, Inc., Risk Management & Insurance, and assists offices around the campus in reviewing business contracts and service agreements, prior to signing.



Stephen Dahnert, Associate Vice President for Financial Services and Treasurer (x7509)

Office: Baldwin 232

The associate vice president for financial services and treasurer oversees and coordinates the external, professional management of the college’s long-term financial assets, including endowment, pension funds, and life income fund investments. In this effort, the director implements the policies adopted by the Investments Committee of the Board of Trustees. The associate vice president chairs an administrative committee overseeing the college’s pension plans.


Human Resources

Ruth Spencer, Associate Vice President of Human Resources
Emily Conklin, Assistant Director of Human Resources and Recruiting
Leslie Power, Manager Benefit Programs
Candice West, Assistant Director of Human Resources and Employee Wellness
Sarah Bakke, Associate Director of Human Resources

Office: Baldwin, third floor (B-314, x5820)
Human Resources website

While the Office of the Dean of the Faculty serves as the primary point of contact on employment for faculty (including recruitment, compensation contract terms, faculty employee relations, and leaves of absence), the department of human resources serves the entire college through its programs of administrative and staff employment, payroll and benefit administration, staff training, professional development, employee and labor relations. The associate vice president provides leadership in developing policies and procedures that recognizes the significant investment Vassar makes in human resources, as well as the college’s compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

Faculty are encouraged to direct questions regarding benefit programs (health, retirement, disability, life insurance) to the manager of benefit programs. Faculty who serve as supervisors of other Vassar employees are encouraged to direct their questions concerning recruitment to the assistant director of employment (recruitment), staff development and performance evaluations to the assistant director. Other matters should be directed to the associate vice president or the associate director.


Facilities Operations Services

William Peabody, Executive Director of Facilities Operations
James Kelly, Director of Environmental Health and Safety
Michael Quattrociocchi, Project Manager and Manager of Building Trades
Scott Mallet, Manager of Plumbing and Heating
Cynthia Van Tassell, Manager of Custodial Services
Henry Williams, Manager of Service Response
Dean Jaeger, Grounds Manager
Michael Logue, Manager of Mechanical Services

Office: Facilities Operations Service Center, South Lot (x7270)
Facilities Operations Services website

Facilities Operations Services is responsible for the preservation and enhancement of the Vassar campus – its facilities, grounds, and infrastructure. The executive director coordinates all aspects of service and planning, including capital projects for renewal of existing facilities or new construction. Day-to-day conditions in campus buildings are the responsibility of the director of facility operations and grounds, who oversees custodial services, grounds maintenance, technical services provided by all trade departments, and the Service Response Center (extension 5999). The director of special projects manages renovation and renewal of faculty housing, oversees other campus renewal projects, as well as the campus arboretum, also serves as liaison to users of the Vassar Farm, the golf course, and the college’s riverfront property.

Facilities Operations Services includes the director of environmental health and safety who also maintains a reporting relationship to the dean of the faculty and various faculty-staff committees, to maintain a safe teaching and learning environment and comply with all applicable laws and regulations.

All faculty and staff are encouraged to report conditions requiring attention to the service response center at extension 5999 or through the department’s work management software. Emergencies should always be called in to the service response center at extension 5999, or after hours to the campus response center (CRC) at extension 5221.

The department follows approved policies for charging departments and offices for discretionary work or improvements, which are available from the website for Facilities Operations.


Purchasing, Receiving, and Stores

Rosaleen Cardillo, Director

Office: Facilities Operations, North (x5841)
Purchasing website

Reporting to the director of budget and enterprise services, the Office of Purchasing, Receiving, and Stores Department serves the college community in the procurement of materials, equipment, supplies and services essential to the operation of the college. Purchasing administers Vassar credit card programs for business travel and low-dollar purchases.

Vassar’s governance procedures require that no purchase be made or indebtedness incurred on behalf of the college except on the approval of the vice president for finance and administration or the vice-president’s authorized designee. Therefore, members of the faculty may not directly make any commitment of college funds, except in accordance with the policies and procedures established by the controller and the purchasing department in securing goods or services. Helpful information on policies, procedures and forms is available on the purchasing website.


Copy Center

Office: College Center North (x5455)

The copy center provides duplication services for faculty and departments. Faculty are advised to adhere to the college’s policy on use of copyrighted material which is available in the copy center and through the Office of the Dean of Strategic Planning and Academic Resources. (See also “E. General Information” Section III.B. “Copyright”.)


College Store

Steven Glasgow, Manager
Anya Giampaolo, Assistant Manager

Location: Juliet Building, 60 Raymond Avenue (x5870)
Vassar College Store website

The Vassar College Bookstore provides a central ordering service for course books, as well as used text books, school supplies, books of general interest, and Vassar souvenirs. The director of budget and enterprise services oversees bookstore management, and consults a faculty-student advisory committee periodically.


Post Office

Christopher J. Cariola, Manager of Central Services

Location: College Center North (x5455)

The post office is the central distribution point for Vassar College mail, and provides a convenient point of service for the purchase of stamps and other postal material. There is another US Post Office located on Raymond Avenue, for additional service. 

Faculty and staff are notified via email of the receipt of materials too large for individual mailboxes. Those expecting urgent or important materials, to be delivered either by public or private mail carriers, should consult the manager about any concerns. The director of purchasing oversees post office operations as well as private mail carrier arrangements.