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Appendix B: Model Format for CVs

The CV should begin with name and current date, followed by both college and home addresses, phone, FAX numbers, and e-mail address. A social security number may be included. All CVs should be dated so readers know the information is current. It is recommended that the following model CV be used. All information should be listed chronologically, with the most recent item listed first.



Office Information Home Information

Education: [Degrees, followed by school, field, and date. Honors and fellowships awarded during this period should be noted. Languages may also be listed at the end of this section.]


Academic Appointments [Professorial rank and field, institution, dates.]

Visiting Academic Appointments [Visiting, adjunct, or other special teaching appointments.]

Administrative Appointments [Appointments in administration, both at Vassar and elsewhere, such as a dean or director of an office.]

Other Employment [If relevant. Include consultancies.]

Grants, Fellowships, Honors, Awards [Grants received, postdoctoral and other fellowships, appointments to study centers or other research positions, etc. (grants and other applications that are pending should be listed under work-in-progress). Indicate whether honorary or funded. Special awards, honors, or recognition’s should also be listed (book awards or nominations, election to academies, prizes, etc.]

Other Professional Activity [Editorial positions; election as officer or appointment to national and regional committees of professional organizations; membership on review panels, appointment to government and other agencies, special commissions, etc.]

Publications* [Work listed here should be published or forthcoming, i.e., completed and in press or accepted for publication (work-in-progress is listed in another section). Listings are chronological, with most recent work first. All publications should be listed by title, with standard full citation according to discipline, including co-authors, date, and page reference. Length in pages of forthcoming work should be given.]


Articles/Book Chapters

Other Publications [Research reports, selected book notices, other publications.]

Conference Papers, Lectures, Panels [Lectures, conference papers and participation, panels, other professional appearances. In addition to title, the sponsoring organization, place, and date should be cited. A selected list or only most recent activity may be given.]

•Work-in-progress* [List only major book projects in final stages and articles submitted for review, under revision, or within imminent completion. Include grant applications under consideration.**]

College Activity

Teaching [Participation in multidisciplinary and interdepartmental curricular programs, the College Course, etc., including courses taught. Can also list usual departmental teaching responsibilities and areas and additional special courses.]

Departmental Service [Service as department/program chair and as chair of major department committees.]

College Service [Service on elected and appointed college committees.]

*These sections should be renamed and appropriately adapted for the performing and fine arts, and for coaching and athletics.

**Other projects in preparation can be mentioned and detailed commentary provided in the Personal Statement or in the yearly “Activities Report.”