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Appendix C: The Personal Statement

Faculty under review for extension, reappointment, tenure, or promotion to full professor shall include in their dossiers a personal statement for evaluators within the college that describes the candidate’s career and professional development as reflected in teaching, scholarly or artistic activity, and service to the college, department, and community Under teaching, faculty should reflect upon their basic approach to the classroom and their development as teachers; they should also address their teaching record as provided by the CEQs.  Under scholarship or creative activity, they should describe their professional work and approach to the subject matter, as well as their current projects and plans for development.  Under service, they should explain how they have addressed the expectation that all faculty will contribute to the life of their departments and programs and to the general matters of administration and self-governance.  Candidates should address the balance they have achieved between these areas.  Departments, FASC, the dean of the faculty, and the president find thoughtful, carefully written, analytical Personal Statements to be of value in the process of review.
(Approved by the faculty May 10, 1995; Amended by the faculty May 10, 2005)