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XIII. Procedures For Review and Promotion of Librarians

A. Rank and Qualification

Librarian appointments are made with the following titles, listed in ascending order of rank.  Each rank assumes all qualifications of each lesser rank.

  1. Librarian I:  Librarians with regular appointments at this rank shall indicate expectation of successful overall performance and the potential for a promising career in librarianship.  They will hold a master’s degree in Library Science from an A.L.A. accredited institution or foreign equivalent.

  2. Librarian II:  Librarians with regular appointments at this rank will ordinarily have a minimum of three years of professional library service.  Promotion to this rank shall require evidence of significant professional contributions to the library and/or to the college, and a high potential for successful professional activity.

  3. Librarian III:  Librarians with regular appointments at this rank will ordinarily have a minimum of eight years of professional library service.  Promotion to this rank shall require evidence of substantial professional contributions to the library, as well as to the college and/or the profession at large.

  4. Librarian IV:  Appointments at this rank are reserved for individuals who have demonstrated outstanding achievement and attained marked professional distinction through service to the college or the profession at large, preferably both.


B. Procedures for Review and Promotion

  1. Review Process and Calendar

    1. The Director of the Library shall notify in writing by September 1 any librarian eligible for promotion of the deadline for submitting application materials.  All candidates holding the position Librarian I will be reviewed for promotion to Librarian II at the beginning of their third year of service.  This is a mandatory review for continuous appointment.  Promotion to Librarian III requires that candidates apply for review by September 15 after notification of eligibility.  Nominations for Librarian IV must also be submitted by September 15.  All application materials should be submitted to the Director of the Library by October 15. 

    2. The director of the library will appoint review committees by November 1 to review each candidate for promotion.  Adhering to criteria set forth in the Library Professional Development Committee’s Guidelines for Librarian Promotion Review Committees, the review committee will deliberate, vote a decision, and deliver a written recommendation to the director of the library to promote or not promote the candidate by December 1.  The written recommendation may or may not include a minority opinion.  Should the director of the library not accept the review committee’s decision, the director will meet with the committee in an attempt to reach a consensus.  The director of the library will forward the review committee’s written recommendation along with the director’s own written recommendation to the Dean of Strategic Planning and Academic Resources by December 15.  The candidate shall be notified of the outcome by February 15.

  2. Description and Composition of Review Committees

    1. General Description. The review committee is an ad hoc committee appointed by the Director of the Library whose members are known only to the Director and one another.  Only librarians of Ranks II-IV are eligible to serve on review committees from within the library, and will compose the majority of any review committee membership.  Review committee proceedings shall be confidential.

    2. Promotion to Librarian II. Committees reviewing promotion to Librarian II will be composed of three individuals, ordinarily librarians from Ranks II-IV, and when appropriate another member of the Vassar faculty able to evaluate the candidate’s contributions to the college.

    3. Promotion to Librarian III. Committees reviewing promotion to Librarian III will be composed of three to five individuals including at least three librarians from Ranks II-IV.  When appropriate, members of the Vassar faculty able to evaluate the candidate’s contribution to the college may serve on the committee.

    4. Promotion to Librarian IV. :  Committees reviewing promotion to Librarian IV will be composed of five individuals, three Librarians of Rank III-IV and two individuals from outside the Library able to evaluate the candidate’s contributions to the college and the profession at large: generally a senior member of the Vassar faculty and a senior librarian from a peer institution.

  3. Application Materials

    Applicants for promotion shall submit a file to the Director of the Library, which should include the following materials:

    1. A letter of application for promotion including a Personal Statement of accomplishments and goals.

    2. A current vita.

    3. Applicable annual self and/or supervisory evaluations

    Additionally, current letters of reference should be sent directly to the Director of the Library to be placed in the candidate’s file.

    The applicant may also submit other supporting materials as evidence of achievement, including but not limited to: publications; evidence of committee activities; evidence of presentations, workshops, or teaching; professional commendations or awards.

    The review committee may solicit or accept additional materials to be included in evidence, including signed letters from staff and colleagues, annual reports, and any other data the committee may find helpful in its deliberation.  All materials considered by the review committee shall be available to the candidate, except that letters not solicited by the candidate shall be anonymous.

  4. Appeals

    The Library Professional Development Committee will serve as an appeals committee to any candidate who alleges that a recommendation against promotion has resulted from failure to adhere to the preceding review procedures.  Committee members may not sit on their own appeals.
    (Approved by FASC and the dean of the faculty, in consultation with the professional librarians, March 1, 1993; Amended November 10, 1993)