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IV. Faculty Travel

The college reimburses full-time (full year) faculty members for expenses in connection with active participation in professional meetings, subject to the provisions below and the availability of funds. Limited funds are also provided for attendance without participation. This budget is not meant to cover all expenses.

Faculty members who wish to apply for funding should do so as early as possible. In all cases the travel funding request must be received before the proposed trip.

The application should be sent via email to the Director of Academic Administration, in the dean of the faculty office, with a copy to the department chair or program director. The department chair or program director should forward the approved request along with approval to Melissa Naitza (

Policies, under which travel funds will be granted, subject to the availability of funds, are as follows:

  1. A full-time member of the faculty who has been invited to read a paper at a meeting or actively participate will be reimbursed by the college as funds permit for transportation and other expenses up to $1,100. In the case of travel outside the continental United States and Canada the allowance will be reimbursed up to $1,600. Faculty members who actively participate in more than one meeting during the academic year will receive an additional allowance of up to $700. Thus the annual maximums (for the academic year) are $1,800 for those who participate in two domestic meetings and $2,300 for those who participate in a meeting outside the continental U.S. and Canada and one other meeting, wherever held. Funding within the annual maximum allowance may be apportioned by the faculty member.

  2. Members of the faculty who are not actively participating in a program may apply for assistance of a maximum of $300 toward the expenses of attendance at a meeting. If funds permit, the Office of the Dean of the Faculty may support attendance at a second meeting in the year.

  3. Only minimum air coach fare is allowed. Travel by private automobile is reimbursed at $.54 cents per mile.

  4. Every effort will be made to distribute our limited funds as equitably as possible.

Members of the faculty whose applications for travel funds have been approved will be required upon return to the campus to submit to the Office of the Dean of the Faculty an itemized account of the expenses, along with original receipts, before reimbursement can be made. Original receipts are required for all expenses. Original receipts must be presented within 120 days after the conference for reimbursement. See the Appendix for a copy of the “Travel Expense Form.”

A receipted bill or voucher must show:

  1. the amount of the expense
  2. the date the expense was incurred
  3. where the expense was incurred, and
  4. the nature of the expense

A hotel bill must show the name, location, date and separate amounts for charges such as meals and telephone calls.

A restaurant bill must show the name and location of the restaurant, the date, and the amount of the expenditure.

A request for an advance must be received at least 14 days before it is needed and no more than one month prior to travel. Receipts to account for issued advances should be presented within thirty days of the return from the trip.

Travel funding forms and travel expense forms are available on the Dean of the Faculty website.